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Dailywell is one of the leading switch manufacturers, specializing on various kinds of switches, TOGGLE / ROCKER / SLIDE / PUSHBUTTON / TACT / DIP / ROTARY SWITCH which are applicable for automatic equipments, medical equipments, computer peripherals, burglarproof facilities, home appliances and communication products.

Meet your Quality Tactile & Toggle Switches Requirement at Crest Component

Crest Component has carved a niche in the electronic component field by offering broadest array of quality switches along with other electrical components. With years of experience in electronic industry, we specialize in supplying extensive range of tactile and toggle switches to automotive industry, industrial equipment and metrology instruments manufacturers. Technology has kept improving and thus, we make effort to supply technologically advance switches to catch up with the market trend. These switches may just be a small component but it definitely plays its part in making the component perfect and qualitative.

Prime Application of Tactile Switches

Tactile switches are cost-effective momentary pushbuttons, which is designed for user interface switching. Mounted to a circuit board, these switches are actuated by a decorative keycap. It is a vital component that control opening and closing of electric circuit and allows control over current flow in a circuit and requires user control to handle. When open it allows current to flow through the circuit and in close state it prevents current from flowing to the circuit. These switches are extremely light in weight and small in size, making them ideal for the high density mounting. Crest Component switches are available in standard designs that allow their easy and convenient integration. Some of the common applications of the switches include:

  • Laboratory equipment
  • Industrial reset switches
  • Telecommunications
  • Handsets
  • Back-office equipment

Toggle Switchs

Toggle Switches come with an operating lever, which is pushed up and down or left and right to switch-on an electrical circuit. The term toggle switch originated from a small wooden rod used as a clothing fastener instead of buttons. The switch lever has resemblance to the toggle used in clothing. These switches are available in through-hole, surface-mount or in panel mountable form. The switch features a high operating force along with simple and reliable operational life. This switch is designed in such a manner that it can efficiently be used for industrial and commercial equipment such as:

  • Packaging machines
  • Conveyors
  • Robots
  • Medical Equipment
  • Broadcast equipment
  • Communication equipment

Toggle switches offered by us are available in wide range of sizes and current ratings. The switches also come in silver and gold plated finish and come with straight or right-angle options. Sealed switches are available at our store and these switches are available in wide variety of toggle configuration.