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Silonex Silonex provides unique integrated and innovative microelectronic sensor solutions from concept to market through efficient partnering with customers.

Crest Component – Best Place to Buy Silonex Optos

Silonex optos are electronic component that provide electrical isolation using light waves while transferring an electrical signal. Crest Component, a reliable electric components store, offers Silonex optos that are designed and supplied to meet strict power isolation requirements of industrial applications. This product is ideally used for soft switching, audio circuits, compressors, limiters, expanders etc. It is quite cost-effective way to boost the performance of audio equipment. Crest Component online store is ideally the best place to buy best quality Silonex optos, which are used for high performance audio circuits and soft switching.

Control Audio Level and Reduce Downtime with Silonex Optos

To avoid downtime and ensure data accuracy in industrial environment where noise, high voltage and magnetic fields are commonly present, reliability is critical. Thus, circuit designers use Silonex optos in order to insulate high voltages and isolate unwanted signals. We, at Crest Component, supply optos that are manufactured with a photocell as the output and an LED as the input. Photocells with various characteristics are made by Silonex by varying the chemistry of the electrode pattern and the photocell layer. Thus, optos couplers are made with different resistance, breakdown voltages and response times.

Feature Rich Silonex Optos at your Display

Our ranges of Silonex optos are versatile and easy-to-use and can be used in array of isolation applications that range from power supply and motor control circuits to data communication and digital logic interface circuits. For different types of machineries, our Silonex optos ensure reliable electrical isolation and signal switching for sophisticated electronic device such as PLCs. Ideal for extreme environments, our range of Silonex optos offer a range of voltages and plug-in functional modules. Besides, Silonex optos offered by us allow safe and reliable voltage conversion, highest contact ratings and pluggable function modules for highest application requirements.