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Crest Components offer a wide range of Character, Graphics and Colour LCDs, made by Winstar.

WinStar_Logo.gifWinstar Display Co., Ltd is a successful LCD manufacturer designing and producing LCD modules since October 1998 in ever growing volumes. The company is located in Taichung, Taiwan. On the area of 3000 square meters Winstar is producing 150K pieces of LCD modules per month. Additionally Winstar has a 13,200 square meters production facility in China, Changshi City.

Key Technologies
Winstar is capable of producing in the following technologies: COB, SMT, TAB and COG. On top of a standard range of products Winstar is outstanding in custom design projects.
The engineers of Winstar have a lot of experience gained from projects they did for Motorola, BM and Siemens etc.

Key Products
The standard product range is extended by semi-customisation possibilities. Winstar can add connectors or cables, or add extra buttons or interfaces to your LCD-module at very reasonable minimum order quantities and an excellent price/performance ratio.