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Pluggable Connectors

Crest Component, the one stop electronic component store, offers an extensive line of pluggable connectors that are made as per industry standards. Ideally used to easily plug and unplug the connection point, these connectors allow greater flexibility in the product or wiring designs. The connectors offered by us come with options of lever actuation; simple operating tools or screw drivers can be used. Available in both, cable-to-panel and cable-to-cable connections with crimp or axial screw wire termination; the pluggable connectors are ideal for outdoor use and rated for ambient temperature rating.

Application of Connectors over Various Industries

Our range of connectors is usually used for panel applications, panel mount, and direct cable to cable connections. Male or female plugs or headers can be single or multilevel and allow for multiple pin connections. Some of the areas where our pluggable connectors are widely used include:

  • Power Supplies
  • Industrial & Instrumentation
  • Embedded control units
  • Medical Instrumentation
  • HVAC
  • Lighting

Achieve Strong Data, Signal and Power Connections with Pluggable Connectors

We, at Crest Component, offer completely grounding pluggable solution for potential equalization. Our connectors feature slim design with robust polycarbonate housings and are made as per international standards for identification of grounding wires in electrical applications. We design the module for fine stranded wires and are free from power contacts, as it completely ground the connections prior mating any power connectors that also increase its safety. By using additional locking elements that will prevent unintentional opening, extra mating security can be provided to the connectors.

Benefits of Using Pluggable Connectors

Our pluggable connectors connect even the most demanding applications by using common method. The connectors will ensure quite high contact force per contact surface irrespective of its cross-section design. This allows connections to remain stable, even under difficult situation and ensures permanently low contact resistance.